Klontal  (in English)

 Translation by Patricia L. Dingetschweiler


 Gilles Wetter, a former prosecutor from Zurich, accepts the defense of a retired professor, who has robbed a bank in a state of mental confusion.


Since his client was recently seen at the 50-year anniversary celebration of the Glarus high school, Wetter goes to the rural canton capital to look for a motive.


In Glarus he finds evidence of an unexplained death. He follows a trail that goes far back to an incident which happened on a graduation trip and to Berlin during the time of the RAF terrorists.

ISBN 978 3 9524474 2 0

Patricia L. Dingetschweiler was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Southern California. She has lived in Switzerland for over forty years.  She holds a Master of Business Administration in Leadership degree. Before she retired she was the Director in Zurich of an American accredited university based in Seattle, Washington, and she owns a translation company in the canton of Glarus.